Apple on Top - Provost 2 Heat Management System (AOT)

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  • Updated top vent design featuring a larger opening on 2 vents instead of 3 like the previous design
  • Reduces charcoal particles from entering your hookah
  • Provides a cleaner flavor experience
  • Works on top of aluminum foil or with the Apple On Top
  • Prolongs the life of your charcoal
  • Will work with any size bowl if used on top of aluminum foil

One of the greatest addition to your Apple on Top hookah bowl, is without a doubt the Provost heat management controller. The Provost fits the anodized aluminum rim of the AOT bowl perfectly. This Provost device can also be used as a wind cover for smoking outside, and with the included green handle, you can adjust how much heat you want in your session.

The Provost was created with the use of a high grade stainless steel metal, and it was crafted with the knowledge of high temperature from hookah charcoal. This product can be used with 3-4 pieces of flat natural hookah charcoal, and depending on your packing method 2 coals may do the trick. The Provost can be cleaned with water or a gentle cleaner, and if you have any harder stains/marks, they can be removed with tougher cleaning pad and hot water.

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