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Heat Management Devices

Avanti- Agamotto Heat Management System (Dr Stange)

Avanti- Agamotto Heat Management System (Dr Stange)

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The Agamotto is a HMD for shisha from the Apocalypse Hookah brand. This latest generation system is made entirely of aluminium (to provide maximum life to the device!) And satisfy fans of powerful heaters. Offering a hybrid design between chimney systems (completely open) and closed hood systems, Agamotto is an astonishing compromise between these two cooking methods.

The Agamotto HMD allows easy management of the heating by allowing free access to the coals. On the other hand, it transmits the heat via a base whose circumference is identical to that of all HMDs on the market (and it will therefore be compatible with all bowls which work with HMDs).

Agamotto offers abundant smoke while remaining soft, since the absence of a hood prevents too high a temperature. With its design modelled on the eye of Agamotto (fans of the Marvel universe will understand the reference) Agamotto is said to be one of the most elegant and aesthetic heating systems on the market. It will crown elegantly both modern hookahs (with its latest generation aluminium) and more traditional configurations (with antique style engravings).

The base of Agamotto has specific grooves used to raise the charcoal and ensure optimal air circulation around the charcoal, and to prevent the extinction of your natural charcoal cubes.
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