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About Misha is My Shisha By Alpha Hookah

About Misha is My Shisha By Alpha Hookah

About the brand - MISHA



The MISHA IS MY SHISHA brand, is a subsidiary of Alpha Hookah and was established in May 2022 & quickly gained attention in the industry due to its vibrant & unique product presentation. Despite it being a new brand, MISHA has garnered a global fan base within just 1 year, being perceived as an independent brand separate from Alpha Hookah.

Alpha Hookah has dominated the hookah market for over 4 years now, but in early 2022, there were still untapped market segments. The demand for affordable, high-quality hookahs & accessories saw significant growth, leading to the creation of MISHA hookah as a separate brand.

Inspired by the rebellious spirit of youth and a desire for freedom of expression, MISHA stands as a protest against conformity. The brand's success lies in its low-cost, high-quality products and stylish design, overturning industry attitudes towards budget-friendly hookahs.

In just one year, MISHA has become a popular choice in its segment, thanks to its quality, affordability, and unique branding. With the same manufacturing standards and warranty as Alpha Hookah, MISHA offers a rebellious yet reliable option for hookah enthusiasts.  

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