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Steamulation Pro X Hookah History

Steamulation Pro X Hookah History

Steamulation is a premium hookah brand from Germany. Founded in 2010 by two brothers with a passion for hookahs & engineering, Steamulation quickly rose to fame for its exceptional quality and innovative designs that provide a unique smoking experience. Over the years, Steamulation has established itself as one of the top manufacturers of high-end hookah pipes in the world.

Steamulation started with the creation of its first shisha pipe, the Steamulation Classic. This Steamulation Classic was designed with medical-grade materials and a high level of engineering that made it superior to other hookah brands on the market. This initial success encouraged the brothers to produce new models with advanced designs, features and materials to cater to the growing hookah community.

In 2014, Steamulation introduced the Glass Edition of their hookahs, which replaced the sections of the hookah with glass components such as molasses catchers. This was a game-changer as it reflected the brand's commitment to innovation & quality. The Glass Edition of hookahs proved to be popular amongst hookah smokers and the brand experienced a significant increase in sales and reputation.

Steamulation now offers a broad range of high-quality hookah models known for their exceptional craftsmanship, durability and functionality. Steamulation's advanced models include the Classic Pro X series, Prime Pro X, Mini Pro X and Xpansion. Each model features unique advancements that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the hookah community. Steamulation always listen and take on feedback from their customers and only then will they release a model.


The Classic Pro X series is one of Steamulation's most popular models and it includes different versions such as the Classic Pro X, Classic Pro X2, and Classic Pro X3. Each model has a unique combination of materials and features that improve the overall hookah smoking experience each time. The Classic Pro X is made of AISI 314 stainless steel with a hand blown glass base. They also include a diffuser that reduces noise and increases smoothness. The introduction of the Classic Pro X2 had an upgraded diffuser & redesigned purge valve. The Classic Pro X3 is the most advanced model in the series, with an upgraded valve system and click mechanism that make assembling and disassembling simpler.

The classic Pro X series major selling point is the ability to smoke up to 4 hoses at the same time (you will need to purchase additional hose adapters, silicone hoses and Mouthpieces). So there there is no need to share one hose when smoking, or put your finger on top of the mouthpiece when smoking like traditional multi-hose hookah pipes. 


The Prime Pro X & Prime Pro X 2 are another one of Steamulation's premium hookah models.  Similar to previous models, it is still made from AISI 314 stainless steel. They also introduced carbon fiber sleeves makes which are light weight & durable while still retaining the same high-quality feel. With the introduction of the Prime Pro X series, Steamulation removed the ability for several smokers to use the shisha pipe at one time. Instead they made is a single hose shisha pipe, making it a more affordable hookah, thus making it more attainable for  the hookah community. 



The Mini Pro X followed the Prime Pro X and is a more compact version of the Classic Pro X, perfect for hookah enthusiasts who want a smaller, more portable hookah without sacrificing quality. We regularly use the Pro X Mini at our desks as a table top hookah. 

The Steamulation Xpansion Mini hookah offered another advancement to the hookah market. A hookah that can fit onto any base, regarding of the height and opening diameter. The heart on the Xpansion Mini has an in-built grommet (gasket) which can be made smaller or larger by twisting the hookah. This means you're not limited to propriety shisha bases like previous Steamulation models. 


Steamulation also produce they own Heat Management System which has its own unique design. You can increase and decrease the height of the coals so your own hear preference, of if the coals are starting to die down, do you can lower them to increase bowl heat. Other accessories include cooling diffuers, sleeves, molasses catchers and more. 

We highly recommend Steamulations at Kakas Hookahs. If you need further details on which model best suits you, what Steamulation accessories you will need or just more information, please contact us via email or our socials. 

You can purchase a Steamulation Shisha & Steamulation accessories here

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