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Matt Pear

MattPear - Ready S (Set 6)

MattPear - Ready S (Set 6)

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For those who have long dreamed of buying a MattPear hookah but could not afford it, Smoke Gadgets has great news - the brand has released a new series of budget Ready S rigs!

Why does everyone want MattPear?
What determines the level of a brand? The price tag for his hookahs? Not at all. The attention to detail, the quality of the lodgment and the accompanying products - this is what demonstrates the status of the brand.

And the guys at MattPear know this very well. In a stylish snow-white box, in addition to neatly laid out parts, you will find a warranty card with a hologram, a set of sticker packs, a cardboard branded holder with company contacts and stickers of a branded Matpirov pear.

All this demonstrates the attitude of the company towards its customers and its product, in particular. Agree, it's nice to get some "buns" in addition to a cool hookah.
  • The company positions the new series as a premium budget hookah. And it's hard to disagree with this:
    · A shaft made of precision (seamless) pipe used in the space and aviation industries;
    · Base and saucer with corrugated bottom made of stainless steel;
    · Completely collapsible design;
    · Magnetic hose connector;
    · Soft-touch hose with spring;
    · Fixed diffuser.
The dip tube has three notches to indicate the water level. The intensity of traction depends on its quantity.

The purge valve has a very unusual design: it has three holes and is deeply recessed into the base. It looks interesting, but does not add any "special effects" to the purge.

The new hookah has two options for stainless steel mouthpieces:

· Lite - classic smooth mouthpiece;

· Ready S - collapsible, repeats the design of the shaft.

In addition, MattPear offers a choice of two types of shaft-to-flask connection: on a seal or on a thread.
Ready S6 - shaft, saucer, Killer M molakiller, Ready S. hose with mouthpiece.
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