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Flavour descriptions:

Breakfast cereal that is crispy and smokey! Experience the It's Like That One Morning Cereal flavour of Tangiers Noir tobacco. While smoking, it has a fruity aroma that is reminiscent of the rich aroma of cereal. A citrus finish lingers, along with berry undertones. Other shisha is rarely used to compliment this pre-made pairing. If you want something different, you should give the flavour mixture a try, but it rapidly loses its appeal and is not safe to drive on a regular basis.

Bowl Usage:

The original Tangiers Phunnel bowl or an aftermarket phunnel like an Alpaca bowl is suggested for use with Tangiers Tobacco.

About Tangiers:

American Tangiers is a quality dark leaf shisha tobacco that is manufactured by hand in Phoenix, Arizona. No other shisha brand has more than 100 unique tobacco flavours than Tangiers. It occupies a middle ground between more contemporary and conventional Middle Eastern hookah tobacco. All of the tobacco is American-grown, and it is handcrafted in small amounts without the addition of any colours or preservatives.

Tangier hookah tobacco comes in 4 distinct lines :

  • NOIR - The original brand of Tangiers shisha, Tangiers Noir, comes in more than 50 fantastic flavours. The Noir brand falls in between Birquq and Burley in terms of nicotine concentration.
  • BIRQUQ - The Lucid line of shisha was superseded by the more recent Tangiers Birquq brand. Like to other unclean shisha brands, they are over 30 distinct tastes with minimal nicotine levels.
  • BURLEY - Despite having few flavours, Tangiers Burley has the greatest nicotine concentration. Beginners should not attempt the Burley line.
  • F-LINE - Limited flavours containing caffeine are available in Tangiers F-Line. If you want a different kind of smoking experience, try out F-Line.

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Citrus Mix (Breakfast Cereal)

Tangiers Its Like That One Breakfast Cereal Noir (34)

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