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Telamon Harmony Glaze

TDisplay Product Basic Details name, price and description Variants such as size or colour Images & Videos upload, select or change images & videos Stock Control quantity in stock Category Management select or change categories Attributes product code and weight Options such as gift wrapping More Options Basic Details Name Choose a short descriptive product name that makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Telamon Harmony Glaze Phunnel - Dark Turquoise Full Description Describe the product in detail to help customers make an informed decision about buying it. his is universal bowl, but especially suitable for more wet tobaccos with a high proportion of molasses. The molasses will not drain into your stem, but will remain in the bowl, which is why glazed heads will convey the taste of tobacco. This bowl holds 13 - 18 grams of tobacco, the weight of the bowl 250 - 270 grams. You can wash it immediately after smoking without cooling the bowl - the glaze will withstand temperature extremes. This bowl will NOT suffer from thermal shock.The bowl is perfect for a HMD, but you can use foil too.



Telamon Harmony Glaze Phunnel - Topaz Green Short

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