Voodoo Smoke With Base - Down (Gold Black) (Bundle Available)

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VooDoo Smoke is a Moscow-based hookah and accessories manufacturer that has earned its trust in the hookah market.

Voodoo Smoke has released a new model with an exclusive purge system from under the plate - 'Down'. Made of high quality German polyacetal and is completely black.

Voodoo Smoke is a high-quality machining of parts, stainless steel. Voodoo Smoke takes into account the wishes of hookah lovers and embodies them in its models.

Shaft, plate, mouthpiece, soft hose, hose connection, gaskets.

Hookah weight: ~ 1560 gr
Hookah height: 440mm
Inner part of the shaft: stainless steel, D13 mm
Plastic: German polyacetal
Immersed part of the shaft: stainless steel, D13 mm
Main material: German polyacetal
Hose connector: O ring
Connection material: stainless steel
Valve connection: absolutely unique system for blowing the hook from under the plate, internal
Diffuser: removable on the ring
Mouthpiece: stainless steel
Mouthpiece length: 300 mm, D10 mm
Hose: silicone
Hose length: 1500 mm

Bundle Includes -

  • Moon Phunnel Bowl (Picked at Random)
  • AOT Provost 2
  • Kakas Hookahs Armour Foil
  • 1kg Coal
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    Voodoo Smoke
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