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VZ Hookah Copper Shisha

VZ Hookah Copper Shisha
VZ Hookah Copper Shisha
VZ Hookah Copper Shisha
VZ Hookah Copper Shisha
VZ Hookah Copper Shisha

VZ Hookah Copper Shisha

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VZ Hookah Copper Shisha

Are you looking for a fancy shisha that has a special design, great smoking properties and special functions? Then the VZ Hookah Copper Shisha is just right for you! The VZ Hookah Copper Shisha is a handcrafted pipe from the Russian manufacturer VZ Hookah. “Handmade in russia” is the motto and you can see this immediately on the shisha. The design is in the rustic steampunk style and leaves many eyes open.

Base and material

Basically, the VZ Hookah Copper, as the name itself describes, consists of copper. It shines with a unique appearance, which is reflected in the entire appearance. All parts of the VZ Hookah Copper are welded and therefore cannot be removed. The base of the Shisha has a unique bracket system with which the base can be securely and 100% firmly attached to the bowl. This system is actually known from the mason jar industry and makes this Russian hookah something very special, as this system does not appear again in the hookah scene. On one side of the base are the smoke column, exhaust valve and hose connection.

Smoke column and exhaust system

The smoke column is also kept in a steampunk design, which is reflected again and again in the entire Shisha. In the upper part of the smoke column there is a kind of spiral made of copper which serves as a hose holder at the lower end. But above all the blow-out valve is very special and unique in our opinion on the Shisha! This can be compared to a steam locomotive, as the small square plate moves around and the steam can escape with one burst. This "smoke spectacle" in particular is a real feast for the eyes for every fan of special air discharge systems.

Charcoal plate and diffuser

The rectangular coal plate is of course also made of copper and has a very unique shape. A VZ logo was embossed on the side of the coal plate. The charcoal plate is fused with the head adapter and is attached to the smoke column using an O-ring. The diffuser of the shisha is also put on the immersion tube with an O-ring and can therefore be omitted if you do not want the diffuser effect.
As with almost all Russian pipes, the VZ Hookah is supplied with a plug-in bowl and can therefore be changed at any time and thus shows freedom of variation. As already mentioned, the bowl is closed with two clip locks on the base. A black silicone hose and a mouthpiece in the same style as the Shisha are of course also included in the set!

VZ Hookah Copper Shisha
Charcoal plate
Head adapter
Base (clip closure)
Hose adapter
Dip tube
removable diffuser
Silicone hose
Glass bowl
Head gasket
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